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Spoken Language and Text Corpora

Notice and take down

CoEDL make every effort to ensure that it has appropriate rights to ingest and provide access to content material. If you have questions or wish to contest the use of specific material, you may contact CoEDL at wolfgang.barth@anu.edu.au. Please include:

Information about your relation to the copyright owner or a statement of how you are authorized to act on behalf of the owner.

Identification of the material that you wish to be removed from the website, ideally a link to the material.

Adding your own data

To add your own data to our collection you need to follow those steps:

1. Sign up

Sign up and activate your acount to become a member. Only members can edit content. When you sign up, you will receive an email with a link. Click on the link to activate your account.

2. become a language shepherd

Send an email to the administrator indicating your user name and the language you would like to set up. e.g.

Username: Johnny

Language: English

Once the administrator approves your request. The language is added to the DB without any content. Congratulations! You are now a language sheperd. Only you can edit information about the language.

3. Add the content of your language

Find your language in the LANGUAGES tab and click on it. You should see an empty page with your language name on top.

Click on the EDIT button which will bring you to the language editor. Here you can:

- fill in the information about the language

- add/edit resources

- add/edit stories

- add/edit people associated with your language. This could be yourself or speakers of the languages. Please make sure you have the consense of the people you add.

4. Add photos, audio, and transcripts

Any media content has to be approved by the administrator to ensure quality and accessability.

4.a Add a story

After you added a story to a languages, the story page shows a placeholder picture and an empty transcript. To fill in the media content, send an email to the administrator with your username, language name, story name, photo and transcript. The transcript can be an ELAN file or a toolbox file, e.g.

Username: Johnny

Language: English

Story: Going fishing with Hemingway

!!! Attach a photo, the audio file, and the transcription file to the email. If the audio file is to big, you can also share a dropbox folder or send the audio on a USB stick !!!

4.b Add photos to a language or a person

Send a email to the administrator indicating your username, languages, and where you want the picture. e.g.

Username: Johnny

Language: English

Photo: This photo shows me, Johnny.

!!! Attach a photo to the email !!!

5. Check your content

Once you are done. You should check all the information you added and how it looks on the website.

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