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Jimmy Nébni: Zo Bird

Zo Bird

Zowende yam dene ym:
The way of the zo bird is like this:
mng̅ ge yramte. Yna mng̅ gseymn bandan yramte wén praprngama
when it will build a nest, it will buildit with old dry pieces of branch
mnegta yna mng̅ yramte yande sarng̅ e
it's building it because that's its storehouse
yna sarng̅n nne bä yleuti
in that house it will store the food
yande nne bä yngm dene
its food is (like) this:
sema kp
sema seeds
qésér kp ynane bä ynazne gte bä yémindi
it brings qésér seeds and leaves them lying there
bä yagres ym yna geym yna kp wräbst mng̅ geym, dene yame äte yramte mokäm ynao yramte
it has another house for laying eggs, it builds its nest like how the mok builds its nest
bä yagres ym bä yna kp gte derebtanga
it is different like a mok's next, where it lays its eggs
bä ynane dene nne mng̅ gseymn, yande yam dene ym
(comparing nest and storehouse) the purpose of that storehouse is like this
bm nung.... dene bnzngam(a) wézerst geä tapam
If you want to burn (the storehouse) with a fire
nu tkma qékiba gte é
put a container of water there
bnz geä tézer yna mng̅n
if you set fire to the storehouse
bä mete ym bä nnaebnde ä ypriti yna nu ä yéqiti qaran dgane ym mnegta yna mng̅ yao bä näkrne
It knows it will fly this way to stop this fire burning and it will fetch this water where it is in the coconut shell to stop the fire
gtets ä geym .. mne yna mng̅mne ym bdrs ä detnga yao bä näkrne
it will continue until the whole of that storehouse is really wet, so that it won't catch fire again.

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