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Kalsarap Namaf: The hawk and the owl

Kalsarap Namaf

Oli stap storian gogo nao, "Olsem wanem yu save flae", oli askem long, bigfala, ok, oknaet
They are talking and talking, "How come you can fly", they ask to the big owl
okde, mi mi gat gras blong hem. Ale, oli talem se, "Yes bambae yu tekem gras blong yu, igud blong mifala."
the hawk, "Me, I have grass [medecine] for it." Ok, they say, yes you take your grass, it's good for us."
"Ale mi givim long mlapuas", hemi se, "Bambae yu, yu givim long okde."
"OK, I'll give it to mlapuas", he said, "Then you give it ti the hawk."
Hemi go nao, hemi stilim gras ia, ikrip. Drink igogo ifinis nao, Ifinis nao, igerap nao, ifulumap wota long ol samting we oli putum meresin blong olgeta longwe, igivim long
He goes now, he steals the grass, he creeps. Drinks it all. He's finished now, he gets up, he fills up the water with that medecine that he got from them, he gies it to
okde, be taem blong flae, bambae yumi kam mi promis, taem blong flae bambae yufala evriwan ikam, bae yumi flae, yu traem, mi traem luk.
The hawk, but when it came time to fly, we will come and I promise, when I fly, then all of you come, then we'll all fly, then we'll see
be taem oli promis long okde blong hem, taem oli go, oli go nao, oli traem, "Yumi traem flae". Oknaet yutraem blong yu wantaem yu no save go.
But when they promised the hawk, when they went, they went, they tried, "Let's try to fly". Owl, you try, but you don't know how.
ale yu luk oltaem hemi flae oli go olbaot long ol aelan .. be mlapuas hemi flae, igogogo i bitim okde, i go antap, imo strong a?
So, you look, all the time it flies, it goes around all the islands, but mlapuas flies higher than the hwk, it goes higher, it is stronger eh?
I olsem smol storian ifinis long ples ia. Taswae yumi luk plante taem
That's where this small story finishes. That's why many times we see
okde ino save flae igo antap, hem istap olbaot long.., be yu luk
the hawk can't fly up high, it hangs around, but you look
Mlapuas, hemi go ibitim okde, igo antap mo long a.. (N) Mo mlaperik?
mlapuas, goes higher than the hawk
(NT) Mlap̃erik? (K) Mlap̃erik yes. From we hemi stilim gras from, oknaet.
(NT) And Mlap̃erik? (K) Mlap̃erik yes. Because he stole the medicine from the owl.
Be oknaet, nao, hemi askem meresin blong okde. "Sapos yu save sam gras bambae yu giv mi. Blong mi, mi tu mi save flae.
But the owl, now he asks for medecine from the hawk. "If you can, give me some grass. So that I too will be able to fly.
Be taem we oli go nao, hemi givim long mlapuas, bambae hem igivim long okde
And when they go now, he gives it to mlapuas, then he give it to the hawk
Hemi go nao, hemi stilim gras long, meresin long hem. Taswae, plante taem yumi luk,
He goes, he steals the grass, the medicine from him. Many times we look,
Samtaem mifala istap long ples ia, mi stap tingbaot smol storian ia, olfala Sailas italem long mi.
Sometimes we stay here, I think about this small story, old Sailas told it to me
plante taem, taem yu luk okde, hemi go ihaed istap, bambae long naet nao ikamaot.
many times, when you see the hawk, it goes and hides, but comes out at night

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Kalsarap Namaf: The hawk and the owl

Kalsarap Namaf is telling the story of the hawk and the owl