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Nafsan (South Efate)

The Nafsan language, also known as South Efate, is a Southern Oceanic language spoken on the island of Efate in central Vanuatu. As of 2005, there are approximately 6,000 speakers who live in coastal villages from Pango to Eton.

This collection is archived in PARADISEC and consists of primary recordings, both video and audio, photographs (images of speakers and other images for plant and animal identification), transcriptions, texts derived from the transcriptions and interlinearised, online versions of those texts, a dictionary, a grammar, and historical sources in the language, as page images and transcripts, all detailed below. This work is the result of three periods of fieldwork in the villages of Eratap and Erakor in South Efate, Vanuatu, between 1995 and 2000 and subsequent trips after my PhD research, including dictionary workshops in Erakor from 2014-2018.


The Story about Maarik TaapĖƒes

This is the story of a bird which can be seen in the country.


Nafsan (South Efate) in ANNIS

The corpus collected in ANNIS consists of 72 files which were originally transcribed in Toolbox. The corpus has 41,552 words.

About Nafsan (South Efate)