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Cook Islands Māori

Cook Islands Māori is an East Polynesian language originating in the Southern Cook Islands. Its closest relatives are the other varieties of Cook Islands Māori found in the Northern Cook Islands, New Zealand Maori, and Tahitian. Most speakers now live in New Zealand and Australia. Not many children are learning this language at the moment, except in the Pā ꞌEnua, (smaller islands outside of Rarotonga) of the Cook Islands where the language is the strongest. Cook Islands Māori has a great literary tradition


Animal Party

Jena Tekura Mason interprets this storyboard http://www.totemfieldstoryboards.org/stories/animal_party/v1_0b/. This is an imaginative story. It was recorded at Kato's store in Oiretumu, Maꞌuke in December 2017

Te Tāʻae o te Moana | The Sea-monster

'Te Tāʻae o te Moana | The Sea-monster' is a beautiful story written and narrated by Jean Tekura Mason. The story is based on true events which took place in 1975 when Jean and her siblings encountered a sea monster in Mauke on the way home from school. Author: Jean Tekura Mason Perfromer: Jean Tekura Mason Language: Cook Islands Māori, Maꞌuke variety.

Two Stories about Vai Tango

Putai Kairae is telling two traditional stories about Vai Tango, a famous cave on Maꞌuke. It was recorded at her house in Kimiangatau (Maꞌuke) in November 2013.

What I got from my first trip to New Caledonia.

Jean Tekura Mason reads her story about her experience at the 2000 Pacific Arts Festival in Noumea. This is creative non fiction and was recorded at the Cook Islands Library and Museum in November 2012.


Cook Islands Māori in ANNIS

This corpus contains (or will contain) a range of historical and contemporary texts. The contemporary material includes audio visual texts.

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