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Jimmy Nébni: Butterfly cocoon

Butterfly Cocoon

I'll tell the story about this
this cocoon
should I speak in English or?
The cocoon
ge ymn wén san nne wer mrmb ym
it's a grub living in the leaves of trees
yao mrmb pip ym e dnemne ym bä
it's not really a grub but it's like a ...
bogr ym, bogr kitong
a caterpillar, a big caterpillar
yna kndr pitas ym wén san geä ynete
this cocoon is able to feed on leaves
wén san geä dibnga
when it finishes the leaves
ä nnesne
it will come down
yuwat a gnesrnga
it will come down
paep bä yrnze mnegta
it will look for a place
mng̅ toge geä yramte
where it can build a little house
kndräm yande gn ge räms geä dapamnga wén.. wén kapewan bä dzärnga
When the cocoon-caterpillar starts to bulds its nest it will put it in the fork of a tree branch
o ämb keseren
or some times
wén krkp dgan ym gte bä dzärnga
where there is a crack in a hollow tree
mng̅ sombes yärämng
it makes two nests
kitong mng̅ prende yramte
it builds the big nest first
yna kitong mng̅ kunzén aqa ämb mng̅ toge gte bä yramte
inside the big nest it will build another small nest inside
yna mng̅ yétqén ä ym gn
that house's name is 'nest'
kitong gn yramte prende
it builds the large nest first
kunzn gs ymn korkorp gn toge yramte yna
inside there it will build a small nest
kunzén korkorp gnan ä gelawanga meta dene ämbs srare o nambis
inside that small nest it will get inside and it will stay there for maybe one month or three
sabat erengr
yna nambis sabat kunzén yna kndr pip kr bä ymn
within these three weeks that cocoon will die inside
wnde mikmik te bä gägärng̅nga
it will have turned into a larva
mikmik gte ge ymn
that larva there
ä ymn meta dene ämbs srare o nambis sabat
will be there for maybe a month or three weeks
yna powa yna mikmik gägarng̅nga
after that the larva will change
pangam gämtenga
and become a butterfly
de yna pangam
That butterfly
ä gtornga kndr e .. e yna gnngama
it will leave from its nest
kunzn gs ym
inside there (that inner cocoon)
dene yamis yna kitong gnngama ä gtornga ä nngaebnde
as well as from the big nest it will leave and fly away
dene yamis pa.. ämb pangam
in the same way as other butterflies
ynama bä yaogle
it gives birth / grows up

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