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Second language typing

Get a A+ in your next second language homework. Write in another language without errors and typos.

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Forget about typos or misspelling. Gerlingo guides you through your text and is always one step ahead.

Copy and Paste

Use the created text in any way you like with the copy and past feature.

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Type as you always typed, Gerlingo shows you the next words in gray. The suggested words always fit the context.

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What is Gerlingo?

With this intuitive write assistant you win the most talented writers as your coauthors on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Gerlingo is the perfect assistant if you are writing in another language. Your texts will be free of errors and typos. Gerlingo is an intelligent autocomplete service which helps you to formulate text in real time in the language and style of famous authors like Shakespeare, Jane Austen and Franz Kafka. Take advantage of their expertise and talent to help you write error free prose, emails or notes. While typing, Gerlingo gives you suggestions for the next couple of words to help you spell correctly, type fast and express yourself in the style of your favorite authors. Download today and have access to the talent and skills of some of the biggest names in literature!

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